Introducing: Saratoga, Jungle Palace - Bali's newest, most exclusive luxury wedding experience

There’s almost no point in writing this blog post. The time has come to introduce you to Saratoga, our newest venue and Bali’s only custom designed and built wedding experience, not to mention to tell you about the slightly crazy $5000 off special (!) we decided to offer in our excitement, but there’s really no way words can truly capture Saratoga’s enchanted atmosphere.

If we could somehow transport you into the warm Balinese night, the sound of the river meeting your ears as you wander down winding jungle paths, past stone carved into extraordinary shapes, a glass of French champagne in hand, lanterns twinkling among the foliage overhead and 1920s jazz wafting on the breeze, inviting you to dance - you’d get the picture. But alas, until we find a way to bring people to Bali at the snap of a finger, we’ll have to do the best we can with a blog post.


So first things first - you’re going to want to check out this page for all the info on how to get $5000 off a luxury, all-inclusive, out-of-this world wedding experience at Saratoga. We got a little over-excited to fill our first dates, so this never-to-be-repeated special is almost too good to be true. In a nutshell though - Saratoga is our flagship high-end opulent extravaganza of a venue, and prices will start at AUD$29,997. We don’t even want to think about how much the same wedding would cost in Australia, the US or Europe, but we know it would be an eye-watering sum. To celebrate our launch, we’re offering the exact same wedding for $24997, AKA $5000 off. We’re pretty sure the lucky couples who get to be the first to be married at Saratoga will find a good use for their $5000 saving (honeymoon anyone?!).

This crazy launch special is befitting the venue, as we have to admit, we’ve gone just a wee tad overboard creating an irreplaceable experience, with 1920s tropical luxury the name of the game. Everything from the French champagne to the styling and the accommodation has been designed with total luxury in mind, as an experience of total immersion for the senses. Saratoga is the creation of Ralph Hogan, co-founder and owner of Botanica weddings, and let’s just say he’s not a man to do compromises. Saratoga has been meticulously crafted over many years, with the aim of constructing a venue that couldn’t be equalled on the island.


It all started with finding the perfect location - set on two sides of a river bank in a picturesque village only 20 minutes from buzzing, uber-cool Canggu. Then, the style. Bali’s indulgent verdant tropical vegetation and traditional stone carvings makes it the perfect place to create a lost-in-the-tropics atmosphere with a  twist of 1920’s jazz-age style - think champagne in coupe glasses, the Charleston, and the excesses of the Gatsby-era extravagance.

Bali is truly a magical land where anything is possible, from five-star food, to the best on-trend style, to fireworks - definitely the place to be if you want a wedding that’s not just beautiful, it’s an experience like no other. We take it very seriously that our couples and guests have travelled from all over the world to celebrate with us, so we’re committed to creating weddings that are worth the effort. So much so, we built the venue to make it the very best wedding possible. In case you can’t tell, we’re pretty excited. We hope you are too, and can’t wait to welcome you to Saratoga: Jungle Palace.