When ‘MusicBikeSurf’ Met ‘JaneDoe11’ He Knew She Was the One


When Sueanne initially moved from Ireland to Australia her sisters coaxed her to try online dating. After some hesitation she decided to take the plunge and give it a shot for the first time. A year later, having had no luck with the usual suspects Scorpioguy76, JustPerfectPete or Rocco777, she had become a little jaded and vowed that if things didn't work out on her next date, she would erase her profile and concede defeat.


In fact, she had been doubtful from the start that she would meet her soul mate online and had named herself JaneDoe11 (10 other Jane Does had clearly been just as unconvinced). Her last attempt was a date with Ben, who had been slightly more literal with his moniker of “musicbikessurf”. Coincidentally her last try with online dating was Ben's first ever date online. He had cast his net wide but her irreverent profile stood out and in a moment that sealed their fate she was the first person he sent a message to.

They Spent A Year On Their Own Private Pink Cloud

After a few dates, Ben and Sueanne began to feel something extraordinary bubbling between them. The first year was filled with unusual serendipities, long, late night phone calls and heart stoppingly romantic rendezvous. As they grew to know each other, Sueanne started to fall deeply in love with Ben. It was his generosity towards others and selfless support of everything she did that won her over completely. She fell in love with the person he was inside and out. You see, she knew that this was true love and that he would never leave her side.


Then tragically, two years after moving to Australia, Sueanne lost her father and had to face what felt like unendurable pain. But Ben wouldn’t let Sueanne go through it alone. He bore the brunt of her grief and consoled her whenever he could. He bought her the most thoughtful present for her Birthday that same year - a silver locket with two tiny photos of her parents. When she discovered he had taken the time to painstakingly and precisely cut out the photos so they fit perfectly into the locket she knew she had picked the right man. Whenever she wore it she felt a sense of peace and love. Regardless of what life threw at them, they somehow found strength in each other.


When He Proposed With Chocolate She Couldn’t Say No!

Eventually, Ben knew it was time to pop the question. Knowing that Sueanne was the ultimate foodie, he took her out to Aria restaurant in Sydney for her birthday. Though he kept the venue a surprise, as soon as the taxi pulled up in the direction of the Opera house, the jig was up. He had organised an amazing degustation menu and when dessert arrived, she was so enthralled by the dry ice wafting from the dish that she initially missed what was written on the plate in the most delicately ornate chocolate lettering... “Will you marry me?” He basically said it with chocolate, how could she refuse?

Not fans of the cold, the couple decided to have a Bali beach wedding in warmer weather conditions. She knew Ben would be more comfortable not having to wear a suit and tie, and Sueanne wanted the couple to be able to feel the sand between their toes and the sun on their backs. In the end, they chose Taman Bhagawan, a stunning beach venue in Nusa Dua that also features beautiful gardens. They felt it was incredibly picturesque, photo-friendly and the perfect intimate spot for their day.


They Chose To Invest In What Mattered Most

Ben and Sueanne did not set a theme for their wedding, opting instead to keep things simple and classic. The wedding fell somewhere in between contemporary and traditional. They indulged in some of the classic traditions like tossing the bouquet and inviting wedding speeches but decided to have their guests donate to a chosen charity rather than have a gift registry. They splurged on the things they loved the most, like food, music and ensuring that all of their guests would have a memorable evening.

Sueanne was beyond excited on the day. Knowing it would go by in a flash, she tried her best to stay completely in the moment and savour every little bit, from the passionate first kiss to the poignant last dance. She recalls laughing with delight to see her mother and other family members dancing to 80’s metal and 90’s RnB. Her favourite moment was walking down the aisle to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Anytime she hears that song, she’s immediately transported to that moment where she was both struggling to hold back the tears as she kept her balance on stileletto shoes.


Surprisingly, choosing her wedding dress was the easiest part of the whole wedding planning process. Sueanne knew exactly what she wanted, and after spotting the embellishments she’d been envisioning on a matching top and skirt, she dropped it in the basket at netaporter.com and that was that! As the entire vibe was relaxed, Sueanne simply gave the bridesmaids and groomsmen instructions for something tropically appropriate that wasn’t shorts. They opted for seersucker trousers and white shirts with braces.

Advice For Engaged Couples

Sueanne and Ben want to remind all couples that the wedding day should be entirely about the bride and groom.

“The day itself will pass so much faster than expected, so make sure to savour every single moment you can. She says, “Don’t worry about looking perfect in photos – just dance until your feet hurt and don’t forget to eat the wedding cake that you spent so long deliberating over.”

She also urges couples to know what you will and won't compromise on...

“Have some key areas where your vision will be realised and don’t sweat the small stuff. People won’t remember what favours you had at your wedding and your shoes will be more than useless when you’re dancing barefoot.”

Ben and Sueanne saved money on their wedding by having their honeymoon in the same place as their wedding. They looked at the wedding trip to Bali as a whole experience rather than just a one-day occasion and ensured that any money they spent was going towards the overall experience rather than a dress that would be worn for only a day, or flowers that would wilt in the heat. They felt lucky to be able to spend time with family and friends lounging by the pool and having delicious dinners in some of Bali’s best restaurants.

Planning The Wedding Of Your Dreams?

Botanica Weddings were elated to help Sueanne and Ben throw the wedding of their dreams and even more thrilled to hear the couple recall how relaxed they were knowing that their guests were in such good hands. This is feedback is essentially why we got into the wedding industry and we’d love to help you have a similar experience.

So if you’re an engaged couple looking to get married, contact us today and we’ll help you put together the best event you could imagine. Whether you’re looking for something small and intimate or lavish and unforgettable, Botanica Weddings will be there to guide you every step of the way.