Two Proposals, Two Diamonds and Two Lovers Making the Ultimate Commitment

They Had An Unshakeable Chemistry

When Maeve and Jake met through mutual friends, the sparks started to fly almost instantly. Maeve recalls how she was struck by Jake’s charming sense of humour, his striking confidence and devilish good looks. A Child Educator and Youth Worker respectively, Maeve and Jake have similar outlooks on life as well as a shared a passion for improving the welfare of children. These similarities coupled with an unshakable chemistry made fertile ground for their beautiful union to flower.

From there it certainly blossomed but their relationship hasn’t been a picture-perfect, easy ride. Life doesn’t always deal the fairest hand and the pair has seen their share of sorrows in the six years they’ve known each other. They’ve seen beloved family members pass away and faced the most tragic loss when they lost their first-born son. This tragedy would have torn many couples apart. Remarkably, Maeve and Jake only became closer. They’ve been each other's rocks – holding space for each other through thick and thin, supporting each other over life’s many hurdles.


Sealing The Deal On A Tropical Island Getaway

After everything they’d tackled together, Jake says he was sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life with a woman like Maeve. So several years into their relationship, when they were at the airport after a a trip to Fiji, Jake decided to ask Maeve’s father’s for permission to marry his daughter. After receiving his blessings, he proposed to her right there in the drop-off bay. He had clearly been thinking about it for a while but was spurred on to ask after the romantic vibes of their tropical island getaway. She said yes, but surprisingly, this wasn’t to be the last time he asked for her hand.

Not long after, he decided to do it one more time in a proper, sober fashion. He felt that she deserved a more formal and planned-out proposal, so he floored her with chocolates and flowers, then after a bubble bath, he pulled out a second sparkly engagement ring. Two proposals certainly aren't conventional, but they’re not a conventional couple and with two rocks on her finger, Maeve wasn’t complaining.


A Destination Wedding Was The Perfect Solution

Due to a shared love for travelling, the pair decided to have their special day in exotic and gorgeous Bali. It also made logistical sense since their families lived rather far apart and would need to travel to the wedding anyway. They chose Bali due to its unbeatable scenery and close proximity to Australia.

They said the day itself was like a dream. The couple chose the famous Royal Pita Maha in Ubud as a venue for their wedding The dense, lush jungles surrounding them made a gorgeous backdrop for their wedding pictures and the whole venue oozed a sense of exotic mysticism.

Like many brides, Maeve was inspired by several Pinterest wedding themes. She took the ideas she found online and shared them with her Botanica Weddings planner who helped make them a reality. The pair had different ideas for décor and themes but settled on a mishmash of everything they both liked. They loved how it turned out as a mesh of contemporary and traditional elements.


The Dress Made Her Look Like She Stepped Out Of A Classic Film

Maeve recalls loving every moment she spent wearing her dress which she admits to splurging a little too much on. When she put it on she knew instantly that it was the one. It was a gorgeous number with strands of pearl embellishments hanging from the back and it complimented her slender figure perfectly. The bridesmaids wore distinctly feminine lilac gowns, which matched the shirts of the groomsmen.

When it came to costs, Maeve and Jake decided to spend a little more on a photographer and save on flowers. With the rambling vines of the lush jungle setting the lack of flowers was not amiss at all.

Maeve’s favourite part of the magical day was when her husband romantically dipped her like a classic film star. It was also an especially poignant moment when her father gave her away.

After the wedding, the pair decided to stay in Bali for their honeymoon. With so much to do and explore on the island, it was the perfect place for newlyweds to enjoy each other’s company and the endless spoils that Bali has to offer.

When we asked Jake and Maeve if they had any advice for future couples they said not to be worried about breaking tradition, enjoy every bit of the wedding day and don’t stress over the small details.

When we asked Jake and Maeve if they had any advice for future couples they said not to be worried about breaking tradition, enjoy every bit of the wedding day and don’t stress over the small details.

Planning Your Own Wedding In Paradise

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the wedding planning process check out the helpful tips on our blog or get in touch. We understand that planning a wedding alone can be hard, that’s why we’re here to help. Botanica Weddings are proud to have a dedicated team of wedding experts who are here to guide you from the moment you say ‘yes’ to the moment you say ‘I do’. We’ve organised our fair share of weddings and will help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Whether you’re thinking of having a small intimate affair or something loud and lavish, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

(Images gratefully credited to Ricky and Co)