9 Beach Wedding Spots That Will Blow Your Mind

The Best Beaches for a Destination Wedding

If you and your partner are in the midst of brainstorming a spot for your wedding, the beach could be exactly what you’re looking for. Few locations are more breathtaking and scenic than an idyllic beach setting with soft white sand, crystal clear waters and a salty refreshing sea breeze.

But with so many beaches out there, how do you choose the right one for you? At Botanica Weddings we’re huge fans of beach weddings! With stunning venues in both Bali and Australia, we’ve learned the ins and outs of making couples’ beach wedding dreams come true.  So with this in mind, we knew it was time to share the love and help you pick an incredible spot to tie the knot.

While there is a variety of stunning destinations to consider, there are also two main things to decide when having a beach wedding. Read on to make sure you’re set up for success in your decision making, or just click here if you’d like to ask some more specific questions. One of our team can call at a time that suits to give you the inside word on Botanica beach weddings or just answer any queries you may have.

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Public or Private Beach?

Please remember that most beaches in Australia are open to the public. If you’re getting married on a public beach during high season, be prepared to deal with crowds of people, on-duty lifeguards, volleyballs flying in your direction and much more. Of course, if you’re renting out an establishment with its own beach, they are most likely to have a sectioned off area which is private property. This will give you access to a more secluded sandy spot. Beaches abroad, however, are a different story. You can find many empty public beaches to host your wedding without being disturbed.

Ceremony or Reception?

Ask yourself, do you want to spend the entire day and evening on the beach, or do you just want to say your “I dos” before heading to a more traditional reception space like a villa or hotel complex? There are wins to both of these options, depending on numbers. You can easily hold your reception on the sand but beaches are really only good for small picnic-like gatherings rather than large functions, so it may be difficult to host a larger event with food and drinks right there. On the other hand, moving everyone can be a real issue when it comes to transport. Our idea of a happy medium is a beachfront private venue. This will give you the beach wedding experience in all its glory, while also making the ceremony-to-reception trip much easier.

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The Top Beach Wedding Spots Across The World

Now that you’ve considered the logistics of your big day, here’s a selection of top destinations to help you narrow down the short list for your epic beach wedding. Each of these destinations offer a variety of venues on both private and public beaches, so if one sounds good, you’ll have to do a little more research to find the perfect venue for you.

1. Maui, Hawaii

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Hawaii may seem a little overdone at first, but hear us out. There are just so many destination wedding locations in the Hawaiian Islands that it would be a shame not to check them out. Maui is thought of as the most romantic Hawaiian Island, with its pristine, picture-perfect beaches, gorgeous cliff tops and lush mountains. There are also numerous waterfalls that make for great photo opportunities. Because Hawaii is such a popular place to get married, you’ll find many beachside resorts that are used to hosting events but they could be on the pricier end. There’s also a wide range of activities for your guests to do on the west coast, in particular, watersports such as kayaking, snorkeling and dolphin watching.

2. Bali, Indonesia

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Bali makes the list for some of the same reasons as Hawaii. It has absolutely stunning scenery that varies from gorgeous white sand beaches to soaring cliff tops. Bali, however, is far cheaper than Hawaii and a much more realistic journey for those travelling from Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else in South East Asia.

3. Fiji

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Fiji is home to some of the world’s best soft-coral dive sites as well as breathtakingly beautiful beaches with almost velvet-like white sand. If your dreams feature a perfect, untouched beach and locally made cuisine, Fiji could be the place to go. This archipelago has two main islands, Viti Levu and Vanau Levu, together they boast stretches of unspoiled paradise. The islands are home to many secluded beaches and vast, lush tropical forests. Fiji is the perfect backdrop for a wedding for those who want a raw, paradisiacal experience.

4. The Bahamas

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Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate beach ceremony or a large party, The Bahamas are a dream location for both the wedding and the honeymoon. The Bahamas is a top pick for those living in the United States. English speaking and easily accessible, this archipelago of around 2,000 islands is located close to Southern Florida and is an attractive option for those who want to enjoy pristine scenery without having to travel too far.

In particular, New Providence Island contains several wonderful resorts that are perfect for a sophisticated beach wedding. There are also numerous activities for your guests such as dolphin watching and deep-sea fishing, for the more adventurous amongst you there are shark encounters.

5. Airlie Beach, The Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia

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Airlie Beach is the best destination for a beach wedding in Australia. Here you’ll find some of the most incredible stretches of beach in the country, as well as the utterly serene Pioneer Bay, a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The Whitsundays unspoiled white sand, clear waters and secluded areas make it the perfect spot for hosting a beach wedding.

In particular, Airlie Beach has a gorgeous lagoon that’s a popular spot for unwinding and enjoying the exquisite surrounding scenery. It’s literally the gateway to the 74 islands of The Whitsundays region, which are rich with activities for your guests to indulge in.

6. The Caribbean

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With so many islands in the Caribbean, it might be a little bewildering to choose one but at least you won’t be short of options. Start your research by consulting some Caribbean travel guides. There’s tons of information out there on the various islands such as St Lucia, Turks, Caicos, and the Cayman Islands. Seven Mile Beach on the Cayman Islands is a great choice thanks to the top-end resorts there. It might be a little busy during high season, but its bustling location means that you and your guests can enjoy shopping and dining in this busy tourist friendly spot.

7. Jamaica

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Jamaica is touted as the birthplace of destination weddings. With its golden sand beaches and lush mountains, it’s an idyllic setting that couples have been coming to for decades. Many venues offer great places for intimate ceremonies as well as lavish parties. In Jamaica you’ll find yourself able to create any kind of celebration you have in mind, there’s also a never-ending list of hotels and resorts that offer beach-side weddings if you’d like someone to do the hard work for you.

8. Forte Village, Sardinia

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For a unique European experience, Sardinia is absolutely unbeatable. Sardinia offers rugged hills and white sandy beaches with crystal clear blue waters. It’s a go-to spot for many A-listers and is on the rise as a wedding destination. Many of the resorts offer a perfect mix of the beach/garden ceremony complete with the fragrant aroma of lemon trees, pines and rosemary. Sardinia also boasts some absolutely divine cuisine and tons of activities for guests.

9. Costa Rica

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Costa Rica offers wedding goers an amazing array of eco-adventures as well as traditionally romantic, scenic locations. The Costa Rica Peninsula is a popular choice for those looking to get married in this beautiful country. If you’re not too worried about budget, try booking a beachfront ceremony in a five start hotel. Many have golf courses, spa treatments and fine dining to offer your guests. With its national parks and numerous opportunities for spotting wild life, Cost Rica is also perfect for couples who want to intertwine an eco or nature retreat into their wedding day and honeymoon.

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Plan The Perfect Beach Wedding With Botanica Weddings

Once you’ve decided on the kind of beach wedding you’d like to have, we suggest you hire an experienced wedding planning company. There are a bunch of ‘unexpected issues’, which can crop up during a beach wedding so make sure you do your research.

At Botanica, we know exactly how to plan and execute a beach wedding from start to finish and we can do it with a budget that won’t overwhelm you! Get in touch with us here and we’ll help you choose the right destination according to your tastes, needs and budget.