Is Your Destination Wedding Destined to be a Disaster?

Get ready! You’re about to learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes made by so many brides-to-be.  Going over budget is all too common for newly married couples, but don’t worry just yet we’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks that we’ve picked up along the way to make sure you stay on track! From solo operators, to language barriers and independent planners, we’ve got your back. The average wedding in Australia runs over budget by a whopping 109% or $29,428. Understandably, the biggest fear most brides have is what their wedding is going to end up costing. After all, who wants to get married to a big, hairy debt?

You just like 99% of brides have never done this before, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the best way to cut costs is to do everything yourself. This tactic might work if you’re getting married in your home town where you can shop around. But when we’re talking destination weddings, where everything is being organised thousands of miles from where you live, and if overseas, often in a different language, the DIY wedding is a recipe for disaster.

The nightmare scenarios of DIY destination weddings are the stuff of legends: from the bride who thought she’d organise her own transport and ended up losing all her guests. To the couple who couldn’t get married because the chapel forgot to organise the services of a civil registrant. Or the hotel that gave the wrong date to the photographer.

These disasters could easily been avoided had the Bride engaged the services of a wedding planner. But that costs extra money you say! Well...hiring a planner can actually SAVE you money. How? Vendors see you coming. You know the old cliché, as soon as you mention the word wedding, everyone sees dollar signs. A wedding planner will ensure you get the best rates...but watch out for commission kickbacks. Especially in foreign destinations. 10% even 20% may be reasonable but some suppliers bury up to a 50% markup in their quote.

So how do you choose who to entrust with this most important of all tasks? Here are a few tips:

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