Proposal Tips to Make Her Say YES!

Blockbuster movies and classic novels tell us that falling in love with someone is a completely life changing experience. But after seeing this ‘Groom to be’ take to the skies with his surprise proposal (disguised as a crash landing) we were completely inspired to come up with some more incredible ways for you to really change your partner’s life with a proposal they’ll remember forever. Whether you’re a future bride hoping he’ll pop the question, or a hopeful groom making sneaky plans behind her back, there’s nothing better than a big, romantic proposal to blow her mind. At Botanica Weddings we’re-self proclaimed ‘die-hard romantics’ which means we love epic proposals of every type and believe that they unmistakably convey how much your partner means to you.

So, if you’re a future groom or a daring lady this article is for you! You only have one time to get it right and make an impression, so why not go big? After all, asking someone to marry you is one of the biggest and most important questions of your life.

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A Public Or Private Proposal: Do You Want To Share Your Love?

A once very private matter has become something that many couples want to shout from the rooftops. In the age of social media, everyone is sharing their most intimate moments online, and couples are ensuring that their proposal makes an impact. Costly proposals are on the rise, and lovers are spending as much as $15,000 just to perfect their moment. Some are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that their proposal is memorable - epic venues, flowers and fireworks are just some of the things that couples are paying for. “Instagram proposals” have become a big business and couples are spending tens of thousands of dollars to make sure professional photographers capture their “perfect moment”.

Just like destination weddings, destination proposals have become popular too. There are even packages out there that you can purchase which promise to provide you with unique ideas and a special set up to make the whole process easier. This is a great option for those who struggle with romantic gestures, but we feel that buying a proposal package is going a little too far. It also means removing the most important aspect of a proposal, the special, honest and thoughtful intention that’s best conveyed when one lover speaks to another.

Yes, there are a million ways to propose and most have been done before, but you don’t need to be the most original or the most lavish in order to put together a winning proposal. And you definitely don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to ensure your proposal is successful! To help, our team has compiled some of the best proposal ideas we think are romantic but not too costly. Most of these are very doable and some are completely free, but they’re sure to leave a lasting impression. Once you’ve sealed the deal don’t hesitate to contact us for some help planning your wedding!

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Public Proposals

1. Beginnings and Endings

Go back to the place where it first began. It’s sure to be meaningful to you and your partner even if they don’t realise it yet. It could be where you had your first date or even the first place you first met. Don’t worry if it’s a little random, the surprise factor will be priceless. Just casually ask them to meet there, drop to your knee and do the damn thing!

2. Musical Touch

Whether you’re into jazz or hip-hop, the background music will stick the moment in their memory forever. So if you want to make the proposal extra special, request a band or a flash mob to come and perform during the moment. This could be great if she’s a music or dance lover. And if you two have a special romantic song, consider getting vulnerable like this groom and singing it to her yourself.

3. All the world is a stage

If either of you is into the theatre, it would be a unique move to see a play together and ask the cast if they can help you to make the proposal after the show or even during the intermission. Imagine your future bride seated in the front row as you jump on stage and recite a speech worthy of Shakespeare. Maybe they can even get the stage lights to shine on you? Either way, we’re sure you’ll receive a standing ovation from the crowd.

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4. Aquarium or Underwater World

If she is a lover of marine life, perhaps you could take her on an unsuspecting visit to an aquarium together and get the resident dive staff to show up as you’re walking through the aquarium then hold out a message for her in the water.

5. Treasure hunt

Start a fun treasure hunt with a list of clues and little presents along the way. Make sure each step isn’t too difficult and that the final prize will lead her to the ring! If you want to be extra sneaky, try incorporating Google Maps into your treasure hunt. You can drop pins at special locations or even propose like this guy!

6. Skywriter

It may not be original but we love it anyway, pack a picnic, hire a skywriter and write a romantic message (plus the big question) amongst the clouds on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

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7. Video Montage

Be like this guy and video yourself in different places asking your loved one the big question. The power of his collective proposals went viral at the time and of course, she said yes!

8. App Design!

If you’re a programmer or software designer think about ways you can incorporate your skills into the proposal. We love the effort that these ‘Hopeful Grooms’ went to, to disguise their proposals in forums their partners would never expect.

Top Destination Proposal Ideas

1. The Mile High Club

Bring new meaning to the term ‘The mile high club’ by proposing on a plane via the intercom at 35,000 feet in the air or bring the magic of flight to the earth and have a drone sneak up on your partner like this man did.

Man proposes while parachuting.jpg

2. Sandcastles

Go to the beach and build a sandcastle together, when your partner is looking elsewhere; stash the ring on the highest tower. Try not to lose it!!

3. The Classic Romance Novel

After a long day of adventure in a new city, have a drink to the sunset before bringing your loved on up to the room where you’ve prepared roses, candles and champagne in the bedroom.

4. King of the Mountain

Go on a mountain or jungle hike alone. Once you two have made it to the top, relax, enjoy the view then bust out that big sparkler and get on one knee.

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5. Nature lovers dream

Visit somewhere with epic scenery like cliff tops overlooking oceans or tumbling waterfalls and do the deed there in the midst of nature’s power.

Random Romantic Proposal Ideas

1. Dress ups

Get a photographer to capture every moment by telling your partner you’ve won a fun couple’s costume shoot. Get all dressed up as if it’s a bit of a hassle (and you’re not that keen to go), but then propose mid-shoot and blow her mind while also capturing some amazing pictures in an impromptu engagement shoot.

2. Put stars in her eyes

Pick a romantic spot in the park or anywhere where you can lie down for some summer stargazing. Propose under the sparkly night sky. The moment will be even more perfect if there’s some kind of lunar eclipse or a meteor shower.

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3. A message in a bottle

If you two are beach lovers, plan a lazy day at the beach together. The night before you can write a love poem or some kind of romantic speech on a piece of paper. Roll it up, stick it into an antique bottle and cork it. Bury the bottle somewhere in the sand and let your loved one “find it” and read the note.

4. Midnight Surprise

If you want to start the New Year with a bang, sneak off to a secret spot at midnight then get down on one knee. Celebrate with a nice kiss, some champagne and then rejoin the party as an engaged couple.

5. Catch the biggest fish

Take her on a fishing trip and when she’s not looking bait the hook and make her reel in the engagement ring! Be careful with this one, though. Make sure the ring is completely secure before throwing it in.

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Getting A YES Is Just The First Step

Once you’ve popped the question, you’re going to want to plan a spectacular wedding to match. Botanica Weddings is the premiere wedding planning company in Bali and Australia and are here to make every step of the way as enjoyable as it should be. As unashamed romantics, we revel in the emotion and beauty of bringing couples today, we understand how much courage it takes so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a helping hand. And, if you’ve arranged a destination proposal, please let us help you create an epic destination wedding to match! We’ll do everything in our power to make sure that your big day is everything you imagined and more!