3 Things Bridesmaids Hate

They're your best friends and play a huge role in your wedding, but sometimes what should be a special bonding experience can become a cat fight. While you may have spend hundreds of days imagining your dream wedding, it may hundreds of actual days to prepare the real thing. Your bridesmaids are usually people who are near and dear to you, so you would at least want to make sure things stay positive after your special day. To make sure you stay besties forever, here are three faux pas that every bride needs to know:

1. Hurt feelings

Who knew the "Maid of Honour" title could start WWIII? If you want a MOH, announce who it is early. Often it's a toss up between your sister or best friend and both may expect to be bestowed with the honour. The earlier the better because it establishes that you have a clear idea for what you want from your wedding and how you expect things to turn out.

Over-communication is one of the best strategies to ensure that everyone is on the same page as you and that there aren't any nasty surprises or emotionally upsets from people who expect one thing and get another.

2. Empty wallets

Don't assume that friends are made of money, even if they give the impression that they are. The gowns, accessories, nights out etc all add up, so have a candid discussion with the girls about who will pay for what and what kind of budget they feel comfortable spending.

Though there might be times when you may feel embarrassed to discuss financial matters with your bridesmaids, it's always better to bite the bullet and make sure everyone's expectations are realistic. Weddings cost money, but creating memories with your dearest friends and families are what it's all about. So be honest and open so you can expect a great time.

3. Bridal-plasty

It's one thing to dictate the dress and styling, but asking women to lose weight, get botox or even recolour their hair is a sure fire way to offend. Hard to imagine someone could be so tactless? It happens!

In the end it's the age old, "treat others as you would like to be treated". Stick to that and all will be roses. Making suggestions about what colours to wear, the best dresses, shoes, and hairstyles are all within your control, but don't be afraid to ask your bridesmaids for second opinions. Keeping them in the loop and seeking secondary opinions is one of the ways to tighten a bond and helps everyone feel included.

So, with these steps in mind you'll likely be that little bit closer to being fully prepared for your big day. Between yourself, our wedding fairies, and your friends and family, there are many hands working together to make your dream wedding a reality. It's your special day, and with these simple reminders, your bridesmaids will be glad to have been a part of it.