Beautiful and Blessed Bali Wedding

When Leigh and Owen met, there was an instant connection. Leigh was charmed by Owen’s humour and kindness. The couple met in Melbourne while Leigh was holiday – but distance couldn’t keep them apart and a Bali Wedding wasn’t far away. It was only a few months after they met that Owen decided to visit Leigh and their love began to blossom. Ten months of long distance was long enough - Owen moved to the beautiful country of New Zealand to be with Leigh and a year later they both moved to London.

Both leading very busy lives, Leigh wanted their wedding planning and wedding day to be as stress-free as possible. When she found Botanica Weddings, Leigh felt blessed – and as she said “they (Botanica Weddings) responded to my enquiries ten minutes afterwards and offered a full package while still being very affordable”.

With Leigh and Owen originating from different countries and now living in London, they knew that most of their guests would have to travel for their wedding so they decided a Bali wedding was the perfect solution. They fell in love with the beautiful Royal Pita Maha in Ubud – which was built by the royal family of Ubud. Both Leigh and Owen knew that Bali was a beautiful and relaxed cultural paradise, so it was not only an opportunity for a beautiful wedding, but also a chance for them, their friends and their family to have a holiday.

Their guests were overwhelmed at how beautiful the setting was at The Royal Pita Maha and many said it felt like they were in a movie, which was reminiscent of the moment Leigh and Owen met as within the first five minutes of meeting, Owen had told everyone that Leigh was a movie star. Leigh being just five feet tall, Owen made jokes that she had played roles such as the "Hobbit" in The Lord of the Rings, an "Oompa Lompa" in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and a "Munchkin" in the The Wizard of Oz. Lucky for Owen, Leigh found his humour charming.

Knowing that their friends and family had travelled such a long way to be part of their incredible Bali wedding, Leigh and Owen felt very blessed. After the wedding celebrations Leigh and Owen spent a week in Bali, followed by a stopover in Malaysia for their honeymoon on the island of Langkawi.

Huge blessings to Leigh and Owen! Married 5th of June 2016

Wedding Planner: Botanica Weddings

Wedding Venue: The Royal Pita Maha

Photographer: Terralogical

Videographer: Bali Metro

Celebrant: Kim Durieux, The Bali Wedding Celebrant

Jeweller: Michael Hill Jeweller

Dress: Annasul Y Groom

Suit: Hugo Boss