She Met Her One True Love At A Rugby Match

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Jaimee and Andrew met as young eligible singles living in busy London. On one fine summer evening, Jaimee was cajoled by some of her Kiwi friends into attending her first and only game of rugby. Jaimee was hardly a fan of rugby, but her mates had managed to sway her into attendance by suggesting the possibility that she might meet a handsome man at the game. Little did she know that she would actually come to meet her future, lovely husband that fateful night.

After a chat and an exchange of numbers, the couple planned to go on a date. One turned into two, three, and four as they slowly began to gain interest in one another. The intensity between them grew and they started to see each other every chance they could. They came to love each other’s kind and generous natures and an ever-deepening partnership began to grow. Slowly but steadily, Jaimee realised that Andrew was the one. He always treated her like a princess and never failed to make her laugh every time they were together.

All images in this post are gratefully credited to    Terralogical

All images in this post are gratefully credited to Terralogical

From London To Melbourne And Beyond

At that time, Jaimee was a young entrepreneur with a budding baby product company while Andrew worked in the horticultural industry. Both were in the prime of their lives and really enjoying their time in cosmopolitan London. A year or so after they had been together, Jaimee received an amazing job offer for a position in Melbourne, one that was simply too good of an opportunity to pass up. After some deliberation, the pair decided to relocate to Melbourne together. Melbourne happened to be Andrew’s hometown, which made the transition a little easier for them. They were excited about this new chapter in their lives and building a life together there. Although they missed the excitement of London and the easy access it provided to the rest of Europe, they were more than thrilled about this new challenge that was ahead of them.

Sometime after they’d settled in Melbourne, Andrew decided it was time to pop the question. On the night of the proposal, Andrew took Jamiee to one of their favourite local restaurants. They ate a beautiful meal then upon leaving, a driver was waiting with champagne. He took them down to the beach where Andrew popped the question on the pier. The newly engaged couple then drove along the bay at sunset to a hotel where Andrew had already very thoughtfully packed everything Jaimee would need for her stay. At the hotel, they enjoyed an evening of cocktails and ice cream on the Yarra river. It was an absolutely perfect night to a truly unforgettable proposal.

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A Wedding With A Full Holiday Thrown In

Having attended a friend’s gorgeous wedding in Bali the previous year, they felt they wanted something similar for their wedding, so the couple decided to plan a destination wedding in Bali. Part of their reason for choosing Bali was that they wanted to turn their special day into a full holiday experience for themselves with all their friends and family by their side. The wedding itself had no particular theme except contemporary love. They chose to have their wedding at the Royal Pita Maha amidst the lush jungles of Ubud.

Jaimee loved the lush jungle beauty surrounding the venue, she felt it was best left with as little interference as possible. She wanted the natural beauty and minimalist décor to speak for itself. To complement the greenery, Jaimee chose flowers in white and a soft peach which looked incredibly beautiful and really popped in the wedding pictures.

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Jaimee remembers walking up to see where the vows were going to be taken and bursting into tears.

“I was absolutely overcome with emotion and was blown away by the powerful beauty of the location.”

Thinking about the fact that she was going to marry her best friend there filled her heart with joy and her eyes with tears. Seeing the Royal Temple Gardens where the reception would be held was also amazing, she recalls. She adored the stunning Balinese architecture and how it was complemented beautifully by the surrounding foliage. She thought the place was absolutely perfect.

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An Emotional Procession Down The Aisle

Thinking back to the day of the wedding, Jaimee remembers being incredibly nervous about walking down the aisle and saying her vows. But when the time really came, it ended up being her favourite part of the day. “I was on cloud nine walking down the aisle,” she told us. For Andy, the best part of the day was having everyone he loved there to share the special moment with them. The day seemed to fly by. Before he knew it, he was watching them dance away the night away to great music.

Overall, the wedding was more about fun and spending time with loved ones than following wedding traditions. Jaimee favoured a contemporary style of wedding, skipping the garter and bouquet toss for a fun Boho style photo booth with props for guests to pose with. However, she did incorporate some heartwarming traditional elements into the wedding, such as her father walking her down the aisle.

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She Just Couldn’t Let Go Of That Dress

The gown Jaimee chose was one which she had tried on but then decided against due to the hefty price tag. She looked for a more affordable dress but had problems with it down the line. Unable to get that first stunning gown out of her mind, she ditched her cheaper dress, marched into the first shop and ordered the expensive dress she first fell in love with. As they say, when you know, you just know! Jaimee knew that that was the dress she wanted to walk down the aisle in and didn’t care about splurging a little extra. She also spent a little more on her stunning Jimmy Choo shoes. Her lovely bridesmaids wore a variety of different white dresses, which they chose for themselves. The groomsmen looked sharp in outfits from Wolf Kanat but went without the jacket due to the heat.

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Plan Your Own Perfect Day

The couple enjoyed a breathtaking Balinese royal procession with fire torches before their reception and a special lantern ceremony to end their wedding. After staying in the honey moon suite at The Royal Pita Maha, the next day the couple retreated to Karma Kandara resort in Uluwatu to enjoy some newly wedded bliss. The couple has thanked Botanica Weddings for helping them plan the most perfect day they could imagine.

“Our day was absolutely perfect and we would not change anything. We were amazed by the professionalism and experience from the Botanica team. Everything ran like clockwork, we didn’t have to think about anything, we only had to relax and enjoy the day.”

If you’re a newly engaged couple and Jaimee and Andrew’s incredible wedding sounds like something you’d like to have, contact Botanica Weddings today. We’re proud to say that we’ve organised and hosted over a thousand stunning weddings throughout Australia and in Bali.

We’ll ensure that everything runs smoothly from the day you start planning to the moment you say “I do” and then finish the evening in celebration with your guests. Our staff work hard behind the scenes to ensure that your special day is a perfect one.  

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